Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gear Review- Salomon Czar 08

Yeah, yeah, I'm sponsored by Salomon so my gear review might be a little biased but honestly, for how many questions I get regarding the Czar, here's a little useful information I'd like to offer up about the Czar.

Ski: Salomon Czar
Dim: 131-111-121 (for the 182 length)
Design: Rocker tip, Regular cambered tail. Rocker length is 67 cm's.

Overview: A playful powder party-er that pops and packs a powerful punch (I like alliterations!)

Powder: It's simply the ideal ski for mini-golf terrain. It bounces around the pow like a chihuahua on amphetamines, it wants to spin off every bump and tranny, and yet still has enough stability due to the cambered tail to rocket out of landings and across debris filled aprons.

Crud and the Soft Stuff:
This is my everyday ski when there is even a hint of anything soft out there. It's got enough edge control and stability to bang through the crap but still enough pop to bounce over those sections that you really want to bounce over. The ski butters so well in these types of conditions that I feel like a one of those French cheese spreaders laying it thick on a crusty piece of pan

Well because of the elongated tip and rocker and the lack of much sidecut the Czar doesn't quite perform like a GS ski on the corduroy. Yet I still can get a good ole arc on some hero snow groomers, though I grew up racing and could arc a 2 x 4 if I had to! Anyways, it's much better and schmearing the groomers rather than carving them. Ice is not the Czar's friend. Actually ice is really never my friend unless it's going in three fingers of Glenlivet.

Mounting Point: This is probably the most asked question these days because skis are now printed with two if not three mounting lines now. My recommendation is to go on the forward line. I've experimented with both lines and prefer the forward line because I get more tail control, less of a on the tails wiggle feel and feel much more comfortable spinning off stuff with a much more even swing weight. Back in the day a forward mounting point meant leaning back in pow to keep the tip from diving. But today, with Rocker, you can get the added versatility of mounting forward without worrying about the dreaded over the bars tip dive. Don't be too scared to go forward, Mark Abma goes 5 cm's forward of the front line and he seems to be skiing alright these days!
For added proof check out this Freeski TV episode of Abma and Douglas shredding pillows on Czars.

Anyways the Czar is what I ski on about 80% of the time and is the single most fun ski Salomon has produced in my opinion. But don't take my word, get yourself a pair and try 'em yoself!


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